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Elected Republicans Representing Montgomery County on the Federal Level

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

President of the United States

Donald J. Trump is the 45th President of the United States. He believes the United States has incredible potential and will go on to exceed anything that it has achieved in the past. His campaign slogan was Make America Great Again, and that is exactly what he intends to do.

Donald J. Trump is the very definition of the American success story. Throughout his life he has continually set the standards of business and entrepreneurial excellence, especially with his interests in real estate, sports, and entertainment. Likewise, his entry into politics and public service resulted in the Presidential victory in, miraculously, his first ever run for office.

After graduating from the Wharton School of Finance, Mr. Trump followed in his father’s footsteps as a real estate developer, and he entered the world of real estate development in New York. The Trump signature soon became synonymous with the most prestigious of addresses in Manhattan and subsequently throughout the world. An accomplished author, Mr. Trump has authored over fourteen bestsellers and his first book, The Art of the Deal, in addition to being the #1 book of the year, is considered a business classic.

Mr. Trump announced his candidacy on June 16, 2015, and after seventeen Republican contenders suspended their campaigns, he accepted the Republican nomination for President of the United States in July of 2016. Mr. Trump won the election on November 8 of 2016 in the largest electoral college landslide for a Republican in 28 years. He won over 2,600 counties nationwide, the most since President Reagan in 1984. Additionally, he won over 62 million votes in the popular vote, the highest all-time for a Republican nominee. He also won 306 electoral votes, the most for a Republican since George H.W. Bush in 1988. Millions of Americans rallied behind his message of rebuilding our country and disrupting the status quo—this was a truly national victory and a historic movement.

Donald J. Trump campaigned in places he knew Republicans have had difficulty winning—Flint, Michigan, charter schools in inner-city Cleveland, and Hispanic churches in Florida—because he wanted to bring his message of economic empowerment to all Americans. Millions of new Republicans trusted Mr. Trump with their vote because of his focus on delivering prosperity through better trade deals, and as a result there were healthy margins of victory in newly red areas. It is clear that President Trump’s win is one that brought Americans of all backgrounds together, and he is ready to deliver results for the nation on day one and every day of his tenure.

President Trump has been married to his wife, Melania, for twelve years and they are parents to their son, Barron. Additionally, Mr. Trump has four adult children, Don Jr., Ivanka, Eric and Tiffany, and eight grandchildren.

Citizens can contact United States President Donald J. Trump by calling (202)-456-1111.

Mike Pence

Mike Pence

Vice President of the United States

Michael R. Pence was born in Columbus, Indiana, on June 7, 1959, one of six children born to Edward and Nancy Pence. As a young boy he had a front row seat to the American Dream. After his grandfather immigrated to the United States when he was 17, his family settled in the Midwest. The future Vice President watched his Mom and Dad build everything that matters – a family, a business, and a good name. Sitting at the feet of his mother and his father, who started a successful convenience store business in their small Indiana town, he was raised to believe in the importance of hard work, faith, and family.

Vice President Pence set off for Hanover College, earning his bachelor’s degree in history in 1981. While there, he renewed his Christian faith which remains the driving force in his life. He later attended Indiana University School of Law and met the love of his life, Second Lady Karen Pence.

After graduating, Vice President Pence practiced law, led the Indiana Policy Review Foundation, and began hosting The Mike Pence Show, a syndicated talk radio show and a weekly television public affairs program in Indiana. Along the way he became the proud father to three children, Michael, Charlotte, and Audrey.

Growing up in Indiana, surrounded by good, hardworking Hoosiers, Vice President Pence always knew that he needed to give back to the state and the country that had given him so much. In 2000, he launched a successful bid for his local congressional seat, entering the United States House of Representatives at the age of 40.

The people of East-Central Indiana elected Vice President Pence six times to represent them in Congress. On Capitol Hill he established himself as a champion of limited government, fiscal responsibility, economic development, educational opportunity, and the U.S. Constitution. His colleagues quickly recognized his leadership ability and unanimously elected him to serve as Chairman of the House Republican Study Committee and House Republican Conference Chairman. In this role, the Vice President helped make government smaller and more effective, reduce spending, and return power to state and local governments.

In 2013, Vice President Pence left the nation’s capital when Hoosiers elected him the 50th Governor of Indiana. He brought the same limited government and low tax philosophy to the Indiana Statehouse.

As Governor, he enacted the largest income tax cut in Indiana history, lowering individual income tax rates, the business personal property tax, and the corporate income tax in order to strengthen the State’s competitive edge and attract new investment and good-paying jobs. Due to his relentless focus on jobs, the state’s unemployment rate fell by half during his four years in office, and at the end of his term, more Hoosiers were working than at any point in the state’s 200-year history.

As Governor of Indiana, Vice President Pence increased school funding, expanded school choice, and created the first state-funded Pre-K plan in Indiana history. He made career and technical education a priority in every high school. Under Vice President Pence’s leadership, Indiana, known as “The Crossroads of America,” invested more than $800 million in new money for roads and bridges across the state. Despite the record tax cuts and new investments in roads and schools, the state remained fiscally responsible, as the Vice President worked with members of the Indiana General Assembly to pass two honestly balanced budgets that left the state with strong reserves and AAA credit ratings that were the envy of the nation. It was Indiana’s success story, Vice President Pence’s record of legislative and executive experience, and his strong family values that prompted President Donald Trump to select Mike Pence as his running mate in July 2016.

The American people elected President Donald Trump and Vice President Pence on November 8, 2016. President Donald Trump and Vice President Pence entered office on January 20, 2017. Vice President Mike Pence remains grateful for the grace of God, the love and support of his family, and the blessings of liberty that are every American’s birthright. He looks forward to working with the American people as together they seek to Make America Great Again.

Citizens can contact the Vice President of the United States Mike Pence by calling (202)-456-1111.

Patrick Toomey

Patrick Toomey

United States Senator

In 2010, Pat Toomey was elected to the U.S. Senate from Pennsylvania on a platform of limited government, economic and job growth, and restoring fiscal responsibility. Since joining the Senate in 2011, he has distinguished himself as a leader on economic, financial services, and budget issues.

A champion of fiscal responsibility, he was heralded by the Philadelphia Inquirer as a “leading voice on money matters.” In his first year in the Senate, he was appointed to the bipartisan Super Committee tasked with forming a deficit reduction plan and played a key role in writing the JOBS Act. The JOBS Act cuts regulatory burdens on small and medium-sized businesses making it easier for them to expand and create thousands of new jobs. This important legislation passed the House and Senate, and was signed by President Obama into law.

The senator serves on the Finance; Banking; Budget; and Joint Economic committees and is the chairman of the Senate Steering Committee — the coalition of Republican senators that advocates for innovative, conservative policies. Sen. Toomey previously served in Congress as a member of the House of Representatives from Pennsylvania’s Fifteenth Congressional District, where he championed economic growth and fiscal discipline. In fulfillment of his three-term pledge, he retired from the House in 2004.

In addition to his public service, the senator has also served as president of the Club for Growth, owned and operated a small restaurant chain in the Lehigh Valley, and worked in the financial services industry. A graduate of Harvard University, he lives in Zionsville with his wife, Kris, and their three children.

Citizens can contact United States Senator Patrick Toomey by calling (202)-224-4254 or by visiting his website www.toomey.senate.gov.

Ryan Costello

Ryan Costello

United States Congressman

Congressman Costello has done an outstanding job in his first term in Congress and looks forward to continuing his work in Washington for years to come. A proven fiscal conservative dedicated to serving the people of Pennsylvania, Congressman Costello served as the Chairman of the Chester County Board of Commissioners before being elected to Congress in 2014. In that time Ryan has shown his ability to build bipartisan support for common sense legislation while maintaining his strong conservative values. As a dedicated father and lifelong resident of the district he serves, Congressman Costello has a deep understanding of the issues that matter to his constituents most.

Citizens can contact United States Congressman Ryan Costello by calling (484)-402-4024 or by visiting his website costello.house.gov.

Brian Fitzpatrick

Brian Fitzpatrick

United States Congressman

After dedicating his professional life to the service and protecting others, Brian Fitzpatrick was elected to the United States House of Representatives in 2016 to represent the people of Pennsylvania’s Eighth Congressional District which includes all of Bucks County and a portion of northwestern Montgomery County. His top priorities in Congress are increasing economic opportunity and keeping our nation safe.

A Levittown native and graduate of Bishop Egan High School, Brian is a graduate of LaSalle University, Penn State University and the Dickinson School of Law. He is a licensed Certified Public Accountant, Emergency Medical Technician as well as an attorney – having previously served as a Special Assistant U.S. Attorney focused on drug crimes.

For 14 years prior to running for Congress, Brian served our country as an FBI Supervisory Special Agent fighting political corruption and supporting global counter-terrorism efforts – including being embedded with U.S. Special Forces as part Operation Iraqi Freedom. Working to promote freedom and democracy, Brian also served as National Director for the FBI’s Campaign Finance and Election Crimes Enforcement Program and as a national supervisor for the FBI’s Political Corruption Unit where he is recognized as an expert in restoring integrity to governmental institutions. For his work, Brian was an inaugural recipient of the FBI Director’s Leadership Award in 2015 and was named “Investigator of the Year by the Federal Law Enforcement Foundation.

In the 115th Congress, Brian is a member of both the Foreign Affairs and Homeland Security committees. Brian is the founding member of the Congressional Citizen Legislature Caucus, a bipartisan group of lawmakers committed to fighting for term limits and Congressional reforms, and a member of the No Labels ‘Problem Solver Caucus.’

Citizens can contact United States Congressman Brian K. Fitzpatrick by calling (215)-579-8102 or by visiting fitzpatrick.house.gov.

Pennsylvania Government

Elected Republicans Representing Montgomery County on the State Level

John Rafferty

John Rafferty

State Senator - 44th Senate District

Senator John C. Rafferty, Jr. represents the residents of Pennsylvania’s 44th Senatorial District which includes parts of Berks, Chester and Montgomery Counties. He was re-elected for a fourth term in the Senate in November of 2014.

A former Pennsylvania Deputy Attorney General, the Montgomery County native has an extensive background in public service at the state and local levels. Senator Rafferty’s top legislative priorities include improving Pennsylvania’s transportation system, lowering the property tax burden, protecting the environment, reducing health care costs, providing quality care for senior citizens, fighting drunk driving, combating prescription drug abuse and ensuring that our police, firefighters and emergency responders have the resources and tools they need to do their jobs.

Senator Rafferty currently serves as the Chairman of the Senate Transportation Committee.  The most lauded accomplishment during his tenure to date was spearheading the passage of Act 89 of 2013, which created a multi-billion dollar, multi-modal transportation funding plan for Pennsylvania.  Following decades of underinvestment throughout the state’s transportation system, Senator Rafferty helped to gain bipartisan support for one of the most robust transportation funding solutions in the country by increasing investment by an additional $2.3 billion.  This critical level of investment is helping to repair structurally deficient bridges and poorly-rated roadways to ensure the safe, efficient and competitive movement of people and goods throughout the Commonwealth.  Act 89 also provides a sustainable funding solution for non-highway modes of transportation, including, aviation, rail freight, ports and bicycle/pedestrian.  The law has been recognized as a model by transportation leaders from across the nation and its financing mechanisms are being evaluated by other state Departments of Transportation and the United States Congress as they review options to bridge their funding gaps.

Senator Rafferty also serves as the Vice Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, and is a member of the Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure and Law and Justice Committees. Senator Rafferty has previously served on the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency and in 2013 was appointed by the President Pro Tempore of the Senate to serve on the Pennsylvania Commission on Sentencing. He is well known for working on state and local issues and bringing together members of the Legislature, local officials and community leaders to solve problems and build meaningful consensus.

On the legislative front, Senator Rafferty was a key player in recent efforts to comprehensively rewrite, improve and strengthen Pennsylvania’s child protection laws.  He has also fought hard for the protection of children and communities with his sponsorship of Jessica’s Law and his strong support of improvements to Megan’s Law.

Working with community leaders and law enforcement officials, he sponsored a new law to significantly strengthen Pennsylvania’s arson laws, create the new crime of aggravated arson and set tougher sentencing guidelines for those that intentionally sets a fire with the intent to hurt or kill someone inside, or if a firefighter or first responder is injured as a result of the crime.

Senator Rafferty authored legislation to crack down on those who recruit members into criminal street gangs, particularly children. Additionally, he was also instrumental in the passage of Brad Fox Law that raises penalties for firearm straw purchasers. The law is named for Bradley Fox, a police officer in Plymouth Township who was fatally shot by a man using a gun illegally purchased for him.

Senator Rafferty strengthened the state’s DUI laws by authoring Act 33 of 2016 that achieved broad bipartisan support in the General Assembly.  This new law requires the installation of ignition interlock devices on vehicles for at least one year for first time DUI offenders convicted with a blood alcohol content level of .10 or higher.  Not only is this law smart on crime, but it received support from law enforcement, Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) and PA Parents Against Impaired Driving.  In addition, Senator Rafferty introduced legislation to close a loophole that enabled repeat DUI offenders to avoid more serious penalties.

Senator Rafferty has received numerous accolades from various organizations in the 44th Senatorial District and across the Commonwealth including the March of Dimes Service to Humanity Award in 2014, the Chester County Chamber of Commerce 2014 Salute to Leadership Award, the NFIB Guardian of Small Business Award, the Montgomery County Community College Presidential Award 2014, the Chester County District Attorney’s Commendation 2015, MADD honored him with its 2013 and 2014 Legislator of the Year Award and he received the 2015 Leadership Aware from the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility.

Prior to running for the Pennsylvania Senate, Senator Rafferty served as an attorney in private practice focusing on education, real estate, zoning, business and estate law. As Deputy Attorney General for the Commonwealth from 1988 to 1991, he was assigned to the Criminal Law Division where his primary duty was investigating and prosecuting Medicaid fraud.

Senator Rafferty also gained valuable knowledge of education issues as a member of the Methacton School Board from 1980 to 1984. Senator Rafferty also represented Methacton in the operation of the Vo-Tech School as a member of the North Montco Vo-Tech Joint School Authority from 1981 to 1984. After serving on the Methacton School Board he was elected to serve as a member of the Lower Providence Township Board of Supervisors.

Senator Rafferty earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown, his master’s degree from Beaver College and his law degree from Temple University.

Stewart Greenleaf

Stewart Greenleaf

State Senator - 12th Senate District

The Philadelphia Inquirer calls Stewart Greenleaf “among Harrisburg’s best.”  Why? Because he is someone whose understands the concerns of our families, then fights for our needs in Harrisburg.

A lifelong resident of Upper Moreland Township, Stewart’s service to our community began locally in the Bucks and Montgomery County District Attorney’s offices where he worked to keep our children, seniors and families safe by prosecuting criminals.

As our Senator, Stewart has focused on our priorities: protecting our tax dollars, helping job creators, providing the support our schools need, and keeping our neighborhoods safe.

Stewart has also fought for common sense issues that receive little attention, but make a big difference, like authoring Pennsylvania’s Puppy Mill Law.

Stewart graduated from Upper Moreland High School and the University of Pennsylvania before earning a law degree from the University of Toledo.  He is a husband, father and grandfather who remained active in the outdoors.

Citizens can reach Sen. Greenleaf by calling (215)-657-7700, emailing citizensforgreenleaf@gmail.com, or by visiting his website at www.greenleafforsenate.com

Bob Mensch

Bob Mensch

State Senator - 24th Senate District

Pennsylvania State Senator Bob Mensch represents the constituents of the 24th District (including parts of Berks, Bucks and Montgomery counties) bringing to the state Senate more than 35 years of business and management experience.

Senator Mensch serves as Chairman of the Veterans Affairs and Emergency Preparedness Committee, and Vice Chairman of the Senate Public Health and Welfare Committee. He is a member of four other Senate committees: Aging and Youth; Appropriations; Game and Fisheries; and Intergovernmental Operations. He co-chairs the Senate Economy, Business and Jobs Caucus and the Community College Caucus. He also chairs the Legislative Budget and Finance Committee, which conducts studies and makes recommendations aimed at eliminating unnecessary government spending.

A native of Pennsburg and resident of Marlborough Township since 1975, Bob is married to his wife of over four decades, JoAnn, who together have raised two children, and now enjoy being grandparents to grandson Zackary.

Citizens can reach Sen. Mensch by emailing info@menschforsenate.com, visiting his website www.senatormensch.com, or by calling 267-532-8925.

Robert Godshall

Robert Godshall

State Representative - 53rd House District

I have enjoyed over 40 years of service to our community.  I served multiple terms on the Souderton School Board and as Montgomery County Controller before being elected to the PA House of Representatives.

I am currently the Chair of the House Consumer Affairs Committee, dealing with consumer and energy issues.  We recently passed a decisive bill, 12 years in the making, that enables utilities to upgrade crumbling infrastructure.  Presently our efforts are geared towards weather related outages and substantial changes aimed at variable rates.

I have been recognized for numerous pro-taxpayer votes in the legislature and am widely recognized as one of the premier advocates for sportsmen’s issues in the General Assembly.  I was a leader in addressing our highway and bridge problems in the enactment of the 2013 Transportation Bill.

My top priorities for the next legislative session are property tax reform, pension reform, and improving our job situation by reforming Pennsylvania’s business tax image.

Citizens can contact me by calling (215)-368-3500 or by emailing RobertGodshall@yahoo.com.

Tim Hennessey

Tim Hennessey

State Representative - 26th House District

Tim Hennessey has served the community as a legislator, a trial attorney with the Public Defender’s office for 20 years, a township solicitor for 25 years. A lifelong resident of Chester County, he has represented the 26th District since 1993.

House District 26 spans northern and western Chester County, from Spring City to Elverson to Coatesville. The 14 municipalities are Spring City Borough, East Vincent, East Coventry, North Coventry, Warwick, East and West Nantmeal townships and Elverson Borough, Wallace and Honey Brook townships and Honey Brook Borough, West Caln and Valley Townships and Coatesville, a 3rd class city.

In the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, Hennessey is the Republican Chair of Aging and Older Adult Services, while also serving on the Local Government Committee. As Chairman of Aging, he has introduced bills to protect the Lottery’s revenues from being used by the current administration to pay for bureaucracies of the State Department of Aging. He’s also introduced bills to protect homeowners who pre-pay for home heating oil and natural gas, to extend favorable tax treatment for tuition pre-payment plans and to protect homeowner’s claims for homestead tax treatment, among others.

Previously Hennessey authored Pa’s Targeted Communities Revitalization Act (Weed and Seed), voting rights provisions, a measure to attack urban blight and restore abandoned buildings and a law to facilitate transfer of property from municipalities to non-profit community development entities.

In prior terms, Hennessey was active on the House Judiciary, Urban Affairs, Consumer Affairs and Insurance committees. His current chairmanship of Aging limits him to just the committee on Local Government.

Prior to his service in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, Hennessey served as Chairman of the Student Exchange and Group Study Exchange programs for the Pottstown Rotary Club, as President of Birthright of Pottstown (offering alternatives to abortion and ongoing support after childbirth) and as President of Alternatives, a shelter home for abused and neglected children.

Tim Hennessey is a 1965 graduate of St. Pius X High School in Pottstown, St. Josephs University (1969) and Villanova University School of Law 1972. He resides in North Coventry Township with Carol, his wife of 35 years. They have three children; Katherine, Timothy and Elizabeth.

Kate Harper

Kate Harper

State Representative - 61st House District

Kate Harper, a state representative, is a member of the Pennsylvania General Assembly in the House of Representatives, representing eastern Montgomery County. Rep. Harper is currently the Chair of the House Local Government Committee, and has served on the House Transportation Committee since 2001. She focuses her efforts in the Legislature on improving the infrastructure needed to support a healthy economy and safeguarding Pennsylvania’s environment, particularly its supply of fresh water.

Rep. Harper is a partner with the Fort Washington Law firm, Timoney Knox LLP, with expertise in municipal law and zoning.  She was a member and Chair of the Lower Gwynedd Township Board of Supervisors for thirteen years, and a member of the Montgomery County Planning Commission for six years.

With an expertise in environmental issues, Ms. Harper served on the Schuylkill Greenway Study Commission, chaired the Montgomery County Open Space Planning Board and helped write the county’s Open Space Plan.  She is the past Chair of the Montgomery County Lands Trust, a member of the Delaware River Regional Water Planning Committee, and was appointed by Gov. Ed Rendell to the Statewide Water Resources Committee. She was a member of the Board of Directors of 10,000 Friends of Pennsylvania, a statewide organization devoted to revitalizing urban areas and growth management in suburban and rural areas.

Recently, Rep. Harper’s HB 46 was signed into law to help veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan get confidential, free counseling from a nationwide network of mental health professionals, Giveanhour.org. Earlier legislation allows expert testimony in criminal trials to explain the trauma to victims in rape cases. In the General Assembly, Kate lead the fight to secure dedicated funding to the Keystone Recreation, Parks and Conservation Fund and Hazardous Sites Cleanup Act Fund (HSCA), drafted language (which passed) providing that a percentage of the Marcellus Shale Impact fee be dedicated to statewide environmental remediation and mitigation programs as well as open space funding and farmland protection, and worked across the aisle to get Growing Greener Two, and the Transportation funding bill of 2013 passed with funding for PA’s deficient roads and bridges as well as SEPTA.

Kate is a married mother of two who lives in Lower Gwynedd Township. A graduate of Gwynedd Mercy Academy in Gwynedd Valley, Kate also  graduated maximus cum laude with a degree in political science from LaSalle University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, was named to Who’s Who in American Colleges. She earned her law degree from the Villanova University School of Law, Villanova, Pennsylvania in 1981.

Citizens can contact state rep. Kate Harper by calling (610)-277-3230, emailing kharper@pahousegop.com or by visiting her website at www.kateharper.net.

Justin Simmons

Justin Simmons

State Representative - 131st House District

Justin Simmons was elected to the State House in November of 2010. He was the only person to defeat an incumbent in any 2010 primary election in the Pennsylvania legislature. In January of 2011, at age 24, Justin was the second youngest member ever sworn into the General Assembly.

Justin Simmons was reelected to a second term in November of 2012.

In November of 2014, Justin Simmons was reelected by a decisive margin of 61%-39%.

As State Representative, he has stated that he favors selling the state liquor stores and reducing the size of the state Legislature. He has also said he supports term limits, part-time status for members of the General Assembly and operating on a two-year budget cycle. Simmons has also promised to refuse per diems, a state-owned vehicle and a pension.

Citizens can contact state rep. Justin Simmons by emailing jsimmons@pahousegop.com or visiting his website at www.RepSimmons.com.

Tom Quigley

Tom Quigley

State Representative - 146th House District

State Representative Tom Quigley has been a leader in the 146th District, serving Limerick, Royersford and Pottstown, for well over a decade. Before being elected to the State House in 2004, Tom was the Mayor of Royersford for a number of years as well as a member of the borough council.Since taking office Tom has been a dependable advocate for his constituents on important issues such as property tax relief, liquor privatization and proper funding of our education system. Tom won reelection in 2014 by a sizable margin thanks to overwhelming support from his constituents and continues to provides excellent services to all residents of the 146th District.

Tom holds a Bachelors and an M.B.A. from Philadelphia University.

Citizens can contact state rep. Tom Quigley by calling (610)-220-1530 or by emailing tquigely146@comcast.net.

Marcy Toepel

Marcy Toepel

State Representative - 147th House District

Marcy Toepel was elected to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives in a special election on May 18, 2010.

Prior to her election, Marcy worked in private industry before joining the staff of the Montgomery County Clerk of Courts in 1996 and eventually promoted to First Deputy, responsible for the day-to-day administration of the office charged with managing and processing filings related to criminal court proceedings.

In 2006, Marcy was recognized as the Montgomery County Court House Employee of the Year for her dedication and commitment.  In 2008, Marcy was hired as First Deputy to the Montgomery County Recorder of Deeds.

A graduate of Boyertown Area High School, Marcy’s commitment to her community extends far beyond her legislative responsibilities.  Marcy has served her community as a PTA member and president, youth sports coach and official and as a member of the Boyertown Area School Board.

Marcy and her husband Mark reside in Douglass Township and are the parents of five children and nine grandchildren.

Citizens can contact state rep. Marcy Toepel by calling (215)-679-3082, emailing info@marcytoepel.com or by visiting her website at www.marcytoepel.com.

Michael Corr

Michael Corr

State Representative - 150th House District

Michael Corr, a lifelong resident of Montgomery County, was elected to serve the people of the 150th Legislative District in November 2016.

Michael brings 30 years of private-sector experience as a certified public accountant and lawyer to his job as a state legislator. He served as a senior manager at a large financial services firm that partnered with 30 states to help families save for higher education through 529 college savings plans. He also served as a private practice attorney where he helped families and employers with legal matters and tax planning issues. He has experience working as an audit and tax compliance specialist with major accounting firms that provided services to Fortune 500 companies, small businesses and individuals.

Michael is a strong supporter of education initiatives. He understands the importance of a quality education and the valuable work performed by teachers. His wife, Amy, is a teacher in the Perkiomen Valley School District.

Michael earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in accounting from the University of Notre Dame, a law degree from Widener University School of Law and a Master of Laws (LL.M.) in Taxation from Villanova University School of Law.

Michael and Amy are blessed with three young children – Michael, Owen and Carissa. Dedicated to the community, he served as a summer youth league basketball coach for more than a decade.

Citizens can contact state rep. Michael Corr by calling (215)-409-2615, emailing mcorr@pahousegop.com or by visiting his website at www.repcorr.com.

Todd Stephens

Todd Stephens

State Representative - 151st House District

Todd Stephens is a lifelong resident of Horsham Township where he lives with his wife Nicole and their two sons, Will and Ben. He is a graduate of Hatboro-Horsham High School and earned a bachelor’s degree in Government from Shippensburg University. Then, while working full-time in the Montgomery County Prothontotary’s Office, Todd worked two part-time jobs while attending law school in the evenings at the Widener University School of Law.

After graduating law school, Todd served as an Assistant District Attorney in the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office where he would serve as the Captain of the Sex Crimes Unit, C.L.E.A.N. Team, Firearms and Major Crimes Units. Todd also was appointed as a Special Assistant United States Attorney in the Philadelphia U.S. Attorney’s Office where he was assigned to the Firearms Unit and focused on prosecuting Montgomery County’s most violent gun offenders in federal court. In almost 10 years as a prosecutor Todd achieved a 99 percent conviction rate handling over 1500 cases including 18 homicides.

Outside the courtroom, Todd served on the Horsham Planning Commission when Horsham was named the “15th Best Place to Live in America” by CNN/Money Magazine. He also served on the Reuse Subcommittee of the Horsham Land Reuse Authority for the Willow Grove Naval Air Station, and led the fight to ensure Willow Grove will never become a civilian or commercial airport.

Elected to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives in 2010, Todd is currently serving his third term and serves on the Judiciary, Insurance, Consumer Affairs and Children and Youth Committees.  He also Chairs the Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on Courts and has been tasked with leading the impeachment investigation of Attorney General Kathleen Kane.

Since he was first elected, Todd has established himself as an effective, independent voice in Harrisburg working with members of both parties on critical issues affecting the Commonwealth and our community.

Citizens can contact state rep. Todd Stephens by calling (215)-368-5165, emailing reptoddstephens@gmail.com, or by visiting his website at www.reptoddstephens.com.

Tom Murt

Tom Murt

State Representative - 152nd House District

Rep. Thomas Murt is a dedicated and tireless public servant who has served for many years as a School Director and Township Commissioner prior to being elected to the House in 2006. He was most recently reelected in 2014.

For the 2015-16 legislative session, Rep. Tom Murt has been appointed to the Human Services, Insurance, Urban Affairs and Labor and Industry committees. Murt was also named the Republican chair of the Human Services Subcommittee on Mental Health.

As an active committee member, he will continue to fight hard for property tax reform, early childhood education, improved dental care for patients with special needs, and improved transfer credit opportunities from Pennsylvania’s community colleges to its universities.

As the people’s representative, Murt has become one of the leading advocates in Pennsylvania for people with disabilities and their caregivers. Murt has testified before the powerful Appropriations Committee, every year since he was elected, to seek additional funding for families who care for adult children with special needs. Murt has visited numerous group homes and facilities across Pennsylvania where individuals with special needs live and receive care.

Murt’s groundbreaking work in defense of the children of Pennsylvania who work in the entertainment industry has won national applause. Murt’s child labor legislation seeks to update existing child labor laws, and protect children who are overlooked in the entertainment industry, specifically those involved in “reality television” programming in Pennsylvania.

As a veteran, Murt’s role on the Veterans Affairs and Emergency Preparedness Committee is critical. He advocates for Pennsylvanians who have served in our armed forces and has supported programs to increase veterans’ benefits in areas such as employment, education, and job training. Murt has also worked diligently to ensure that veterans who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) receive the healthcare they deserve.

Murt served in the U.S. Army Reserve from 1990 to 2008. He was called to active duty in 2003 and served in Iraq with the U.S. Army’s elite 4th Infantry Division. While in Iraq, Murt was assigned to many Civil Affairs and humanitarian missions in and around Tikrit. He assisted in opening schools and health clinics, and also assisted in training the Iraqi security forces.

For his service in Iraq, Murt received the Army Commendation Medal and was nominated for the prestigious Humanitarian Service Medal. During his 14-month deployment in Iraq, he wrote of his experiences as a Staff Sergeant in a featured column, “Voice from Iraq,” which appeared weekly in Montgomery Newspapers. In 2008, Murt retired as a Staff Sergeant from the U.S. Army Reserve.

Murt always puts public service ahead of politics, and works collaboratively with members of both parties. For all his efforts, Murt has been honored with: the Rose R. Rosa Advocacy Award from the ARC of Montgomery, Bucks and Berks counties for his efforts towards the betterment of life for people with developmental disabilities; the Montgomery County Child Care Consortium Early Childhood Education Champion Award; and the 2010 Upper Moreland Man of the Year. In addition, he received the Martin Luther King Award from the Upper Moreland Middle School for addressing school violence and bullying. He also received the Giraffe Award from the Upper Moreland Intermediate School for his humanitarian work in Iraq.

Murt remains active in his community. He is a coach for the Upper Moreland Little League Program, St. David’s CYO, and the Upper Moreland Soccer Club. He also serves as a religious education instructor for St. David Parish in Willow Grove.  In addition, he volunteers on the board of directors of the Upper Moreland Education Foundation and the Upper Moreland Historical Association, which he founded in 1996.

Murt was born and raised in Hatboro. He graduated from Archbishop Wood High School. He earned a B.S. in Economics from Penn State University and an M.A. in Education from La Salle University. Murt also has taken other graduate coursework in Economics at Temple University and also earned a Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Instructional I teaching certificate from Gwynedd-Mercy College. Before his election to the House, Murt was the Assistant Director of the Counseling and Advising Center at Penn State Abington. He still serves as a part-time faculty member at Penn State and currently teaches in the business department. Murt is currently a Temple University doctoral candidate in Educational Administration.

Murt and his wife, Maria, a Nursing Instructor at Temple University’s Department of Nursing, live in Upper Moreland with their three children, Katherine, Daniel, and Patrick.

Citizens can contact state rep. Tom Murt by calling (215)-674-3755, emailing tmurt@pahousegop.com, or by visiting his website at www.repmurt.com.

Warren Kampf

Warren Kampf

State Representative - 157th House District

State Rep. Warren Kampf is serving his third term as the representative of Pennsylvania’s 157th Legislative District in the House of Representatives.

Kampf was first elected in November 2010 based on his ability to bring strong fiscal discipline to state government and to help re-invigorate a moribund economy.

In 2012, he was named co-chair of the House Life Science Caucus, the first freshman legislator to hold this honor. He also serves on the Appropriations, Liquor Control, Consumer Affairs, and Insurance committees.

Kampf’s legislative agenda has focused on job creation, pension reform, crafting sustainable budgets, improving Pennsylvania’s business climate and increasing competitiveness through regulatory reforms.

Kampf is the prime sponsor of landmark legislation which addresses the state’s growing pension crisis and confronts an issue that has been pushed down the road by previous administrations. He has also sponsored or co-sponsored legislation to free schools from costly state mandates, to provide incentives encouraging job creation for companies, to create more efficient government with an online business filing portal and to reform the state’s welfare system.

In the leadership role with the Life Science Caucus, Kampf advocates for government to help foster advances in the science and technology industry that are critical to job creation in Pennsylvania and for improving our lives. In his position, Kampf advocates for tax policy and initiatives that advance research and development within the life sciences economy in the Commonwealth. Such innovations help constituents of the 157th District, promote entrepreneurial activity in the whole Commonwealth, and can make great strides in the treatment and toward the cure of some of our most lethal diseases. In 2013, Kampf was named State Official of the Year by PABio, Pennsylvania’s life sciences advocacy consortium. In 2014, Kampf was named to the Life Science Leadership Advisory Council of Pennsylvania.

Legislation Kampf authored has now created a program to invest more than $75 million of seed capital into technology and life sciences start-ups here in the Commonwealth. Kampf also authored legislation, now law, that eliminated the sunset on the Research and Development Tax Credit. Kampf also authored legislation which

now makes it possible to file corporate forms online with Pennsylvania’s Bureau of Corporations and permits same day service for such filings.

Also in 2014, Kampf has been named a “Guardian of Small Business” by the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB). The “Guardians of Small Business” designation is bestowed upon those legislators who voted to support small businesses and small business issues.

Kampf’s public service career includes serving as a criminal prosecutor as a Deputy Prosecutor in the York County District Attorney’s Office and, later, as an Assistant District Attorney in the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office. He served seven years as a Tredyffrin Township Supervisor, with two years as the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors.

Born and raised in Devon, Pennsylvania, Representative Kampf is a graduate of Phillips Exeter Academy of Exeter, NH, Yale University, and Emory University School of Law. A partner with White and Williams, LLP, prior to his election, Representative Kampf today serves as Of Counsel for this firm.

Representative Kampf and his wife, Megan, are raising a son and a daughter in their home in Paoli.

Citizens can contact state rep. Warren Kampf by calling (610)-666-0619, emailing wkampf@pahousegop.com, or by visiting his website at www.repkampf.com.

Local Government

Elected Republicans Representing Montgomery County

Joe Gale

Joe Gale

Montgomery County Commissioner

Commissioner Joseph C. Gale is a lifelong resident of Montgomery County. Raised in Plymouth Township, he attended schools in the Colonial School District. He is a graduate of Temple University’s Fox School of Business where he earned a degree in Finance and Real Estate. While in college Joe held several leadership roles within

student government and community organizations.

Upon graduation from Temple University, Joe began working as a Recording Clerk in the Montgomery County Recorder of Deeds department. In this position Joe saw first-hand county government at work and closely followed county operations. Joe then expanded his financial background in the private sector where he worked in the

mortgage division of one of the country’s largest home building corporations, NVR Inc.

Joe was elected commissioner in November 2015 after successfully running a grassroots, independent campaign, allowing him to join Commissioners Shapiro and Arkoosh on the board.

Joe believes that a common sense approach to government focused on putting people before politics will keep Montgomery County’s fiscal house in order and continue to make Montgomery county a great place to live, raise a family, work, and grow a business.

Citizens can contact County Commissioner Joe Gale by calling (610)-278-3020, emailing joe@montcopa.org.

Merry Woods

Merry Woods

Jury Commissioner - Montgomery County

Jury Commissioner Woods was elected to a four year term in 2013 and was sworn in by President Judge William Furber on January 2, 2014.

Governor Tom Corbett appointed Merry to the State Board of Professional Licensing and she was confirmed by the Senate in 2012.

Merry was elected to the Pennsylvania Republican State Committee in 2010 and re-elected in 2014. She serves on the Resolutions Committee.

Woods was elected Area 15 Leader in 2010 and re-elected in 2014. She has won re-election as an Upper Dublin committee woman since 2000.

Merry plays an integral role with TARS – Teen Age RepublicanS – mentoring teens throughout the Commonwealth to develop and promote future leaders.

Merry is the mother of six sons and two daughters. She resides in Upper Dublin township with her family.

Citizens can contact Jury Commissioner Merry Woods by calling (610)-278-3215, emailing mwoods@montcopa.org, or by visiting the Jury Selection of the Montgomery County website www.montcopa.org.